Making your interior space suitable for occupation which includes electrical, mechanical, decorating and furnishing that’s undertaken by the tenant that’s leasing the space from the developer or landlord. This service will be quoted on or after the completion of the inspection

Move In / Move Out (Maintenance)

Rectifying the damages in the unit which includes painting, plumbing, electrical, civil work, carpentry and cleaning & pest control services. This service will be quoted on or after the completion of the inspection

Pest Control

Our technicians will treat the interior and exterior of your home. All treatment options will be catered to meet your specific.Our products used are low odor and municipality approved chemicals which are in a gel form.We offer one time service, monthly, quarterly and yearly services. Includes


This modifies the visible features of your area of land including the following: Living elements, such as flora or fauna; or what is commonly called gardening, the art and craft of growing plants with a goal of creating a beauty within the landscape This service will be quoted on or after the completion of the […]

Water Tank Cleaning

High temperatures in the region create the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria and parasites and insects within your water tank that can cause diseases. Includes

Deep Cleaning

Our cleaning services includes move out and move in cleaning in that cover both residential and commercial customers, including tenants, homeowners, landlords and property managers. Includes


A complete disinfection & sanitization services.We offer safe, sustainable, and healthy living solutions for all areas of your home and business using the most advanced technologies


Have your home or villa spotless by using our team of trained housekeeping staff.Keeping your busy schedules in mind – KAM staff work flexible hours and will cater to your schedule. Includes


A good paint job can make your home look brand new. KAM’s paint experts make sure that your walls get the perfect finish every time – fast and efficiently. Get clear smooth painted walls with our team of experts. Includes


The KAM home maintenance team are qualified to fix any plumbing issue you experience. The team are fully trained in delivering a range of professional plumbing services, including installation, repair and maintenance. Includes