Have your home or villa spotless by using our team of trained housekeeping staff.Keeping your busy schedules in mind – KAM staff work flexible hours and will cater to your schedule.


Cleaning of bedrooms
Living room and internal home areas such as stairs
Dining area and maximum 2X3M balcony.
Cleaning of kitchen, external kitchen cupboards and cabinets, kitchen isle, backsplash, sink and external kitchen appliances
Cleaning of toilet floor, WC, toilet sink, mirror and chromes, bathtub, toilet faucets and sink backsplash.
Marble polishing, sofa and upholstery cleaning, façade cleaning and above 1.5Meter height, clothes folding, home organizing, ironing, laundry, dishwashing and taking care of pets. Clothes folding, home organizing (helpers during move in) and dishwashing will be priced separately based on hours.
UnitEstimated Time (per visit) (2 cleaners each)
Studio1 hour
1 Bedroom2 hours
2 Bedrooms2.5 hours
3 Bedrooms 3 hours
4 Bedrooms4 hours
Villa with 2 Bedrooms3 hours
Villa with 3 Bedrooms4 hours
Villa with 4 Bedrooms5 hours
Villa with 5 Bedrooms and aboveWill be estimated after inspection